This is our discontinued items that we will be offering as a grab bag, which means that we will fill a gallon bag with with 100 (50 Large) lures that are listed below with a popular color that WE choose. That is the mystery.
That is 100 (50 Large) lures for $12.00, plus shipping based on your order price.
Order $75.00 or more and get free shipping.
Hurry while supplies last! No call in orders please.

Click on the List Below (What we have is what is listed and no pictures)

Mix and Match:

Buzz Tail Shad 4"

Grub 4"

Tournament Worm 8"

Buzz Bugs

Lizard 7" (50 Count)

Lizard 4"

Boss Hawg

Mullet 3"

Buzz Tail Frog (50 Count)

Tournament Lizard 6"

Mullet 4"

Hot Rod (50 Count)