About Us

Producto Lure Company and its affiliated companies (together PLC or the company)  founded in 1976 by Mr. Jake Adkins and Mr. Craig M. Bayhi.  Based in Sanford, Florida the company is a manufacturer and distributor of a variety of fishing related products, with the primary focus on soft plastic lures.  As one of the original companies in the United States to manufacture injection molded soft plastic lures.  PLC has a long history of operations and a very loyal following.  The Company’s product lines cover both the freshwater and saltwater markets under the names; Producto Lures and 12 Fathom Lures, respectively.  The Company is housed in a 6,600 square foot facility.

The Company introduced to the market in 1976 a super soft formula for manufacturing our lead product known as the Tournament Worm.  Shortly after introducing this worm Dave Harbor the head fishing outdoor writer for Sports Afield wrote a seven page feature article with the Tournament Worm featured on the cover.  His cover quote was “Fish this Super Soft Tournament Worm and the bass will beat a path to your hook”.  After this article was published the Company experienced an explosion of demand for the product.  At that time the company as other companies was hand pouring worms which was a slow process and fell far short of meeting current demands for the product.  Due to the demand we embarked on developing an injection molding process to drastically increase our production while maintaining the quality of a hand poured product.

The Companies currently sell to distributors, retail tackle shops and internet sales that serve our customer base.  Additionally the company manufactures custom bulk products for other fishing lure companies who do not have manufacturing capabilities.

Producto is committed to outstanding customer service and producing the highest quality products available on the market.  Our standards have remained the same over the past forty plus years and have carried through to the many products we offer since the original Tournament Worm introduction.


Craig M. Bayhi