Grape Producto Slaughter

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I was looking through my garage the other day. I saw a package of grape Producto 6 inch worms, with a chartruse tail. I figured I may as well use them, rather than let them sit. I've used all my hotrod tubes, and I wanted to change things up again.

Colo Iowa's Twin Anchors Lake was the start of my quest with purple worms. I've fished with these before at this lake. It was a success like no other! I tried it again this time around. I got on my uncles paddle boat and fished the deeper waters. It seemed as if you just had to throw it out on the edge of the weeds, and jig it back. I had so many hits! Hits, and also FISH! My first fish of the day was a 18 incher. I got him in the boat with an exitement. "Booyah!" I yelled. It was surely a good start. The rest of the day was just like I mentioned. Slow jigging from the weeds into deeper water. I caught 13 Bass. All on the grape colored Producto worm.

Now Im at Goldfinch Pond in Marshalltown. I did this just for a mess around day. I didn't know that I would go on a slaughterfest with these worms again! All I had to do was throw about 5 feet off the bank, and fish the weeds. Weeds had a lot of little pockets where you could put your worm, or whatever soft plastic you had, down in there. BAM! They were extremly fun. A lot of times, I set the hook and brought them right out of the weeds and onto the bank! Small fish, but sure is fun! I fished it right as a cold front came in, and it put the Bass in a frenzy! I also fished the next morning. It was a rather cool, overcast day. I did the same technique, and got a few more Bass. One exceeded your 15 inch keeper limit, but was released like I always do.

Producto is a great lure to use.

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