10 Things I Experienced at the 2018 ICAST Show.

Posted by producto-adm 26/07/2018 0 Comment(s)

Well ladies and gentlemen ICAST 2018 has come an gone. This was Producto's first year back fro along time. We were asked many times, "Are you still in business?" We would respond with a resonding "YES". We are not going anywhere in the near future. This year we saw many different things at ICAST that caught our eyes.

1. The staple companies that have been in the industy for many years, like Zebco Reels, Carhartt Durable  clothing and Oakley Sunglasses.

2. Kayaks and kayak gear. Such a wide variety to choose from and take in.

3. Live fishing techniques that were interesting to watch and experience.

4. New ideas in fishing, like scented balls that attract the fish. We thoutht that was a great idea. For freshwater and just introduced saltwater.

5.Printing on lures with with specialized ink. Nice.



8. Boats

9. Lures that change color with the water temperature.

10. And last life size swimbaits, trout, babby bass and more. Very realistic. New from 13 Lures.

Next year promises to bring new things and new ideas in fishing. Producto will be there, hope to see more tackle shops there, new and established shops. Look for the Producto booth next year and say "HI".

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